Actor Resh Marhatta puts a hold on his international projects

  • January 4, 2021 4:40 pm
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‘Pinjada’ and ‘Chahanchu Ma Timilai Nai’ famed, a well known actor of the film industry Resh Marhatta has been apparently working on high budgeted project “National Treasure -the blood run” as one of the major leads.

The actor who has also worked as a producer, entrepreneur, an author, columnist, real estate investor, Marhatta has added many feathers to his cap. However, recently, due to global pandemic, he had no exception but putting a hold to the upcoming international project while he was in China.

Fortunately, the actor had already completed the portion of the shoot in Sweden, London, America, Nepal and India.

Talking about project NT, it’s an action-packed suspense feature film which features actors from 7 different countries among which ‘TITANIC’ famed Jari Kinnunen expressed his excitement as he loved the concept of the film.

Resh Marhatta has also taken a step further by teaming up with Chinese distributors for the marketing and streaming of the film in China. When asked about the shoot, producer Resh said that he is facing problems with the Visa of his crew members due to visa restrictions but is very optimistic about resuming soon.

One of the directors, Ari Sakari, added that he is very thrilled to team up with Resh and is excited for the sequel of the film already.

This is not the only one project that has been on hold for Resh, his Bollywood project as an actor called ‘Paranormal‘ directed by Sanjay Sharma has also been affected by the pandemic. His pipeline projects ‘11th Street’ and ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ are also currently on hold.

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